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The YouTube Journey.

The path to making money from YouTube.

How I went from making nothing, to pocket money, to turning over 30k a month — entirely from YouTube.


The Big Secret.

Since 2009 when i had my first failed channel on youtube, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build an audience from scratch, provide value consistently, and monetise in a non-spammy way. I’ve spent over $30,000 in courses and coaching programs to try and find the secret sauce that helps grow a channel and a business.

It’s a matter of:

Generating value.

Creating content that your audience find valuable.


Continuously improve on each video.


Be consistent on your schedule.

That's The Framework

I personally guarantee that if you follow this 3-part formula, your life will change in ways you can’t imagine. For starters, you’ll learn incredibly useful skills, you’ll generate ‘passive’ income, and you’ll make friends with amazing people from all over the world. You might even get messages from people about how your content's changed their life. 😳

The real "secret", if there's one at all, is that you need to build a system around your content production. A system means that you can efficiently pump out useful content that grows your audience and revenue, without it taking up large amounts of your own time.

Instead of thinking of your YouTube channel as a personal project, you want to think about it like a machine. A machine that takes inputs in the form of ideas, refines them into valuable content that your audience loves, and efficiently monetises itself across multiple asset classes.

I’ve built such a system for my channel and business, and I can help you build yours.

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The Inevitable Consequences.

Are you tired of creating content for years without results?

🌱 Don't buy into the lie that growth takes time, Growth happens FAST!.
👀 You can automate your channel just like any business and be able to enjoy your life while it generates income.
🗣️ You only have to appear on camera if you want to.
🎬 Build a community that loves your content.
💡Never worry about running out of ideas.
🤔Imagine where you will be 5 years from now!
🤝 Have the opportunity to work with huge brands that you know and love.

Join our community of 1500 people to help you on this path to success. 🔥

You don't have to do this alone.

it’s also really fun, and it's genuinely life-changing.

"The best place to learn how to build a sustainable youtube youtube business."

Mr Reis Entrepreneur & Youtuber
150k Subscribers
Member Image

"The Best place to learn how to build a sustainable youtube business!.."

Mr Reis Entrepreneur & Youtuber
150k Subscribers
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"The Best place to learn how to build a sustainable youtube business!.."

Mr Reis Entrepreneur & Youtuber
150k Subscribers
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Remember, the

Beats the



Youtuber Pro is a 6 Module Online Course

I’ll teach and help you implement everything I know about growing your YouTube channel into a...

Sustainable Machine

...that churns out valuable content and generates healthy passive income.

Along with the 6 modules you will have access to a private discord server that you will use to get your questions answered live in the daily AMA’S From monday to Friday From Myself and other students!

The systems we’ve developed and teach on the course grew my own channel from nothing to...

0-100k Subscribers in 4 Months

$360k+ Annual Revenue

It's really fun and it'sgenuinely life-changing. Our community is growing very quickly Resulting in fantastic results and growing testimonials already. Join Premium now!


Master The Youtube Algorithm

You will learn everything you need to know about the youtube algorithm and instead of fearing the algorithm you will learn how to make it work to get subscribers for you non stop 24/7.


Youtube As a Business

Lean how to operate your youtube channel as a business and set it up in a way that frees your time instead of taking it away!


Youtube automation

Learn how to create an automated cash cow youtube channel, one that you won’t need to make videos, appear on camera and that runs by itself, creating a stable form of passive income at the same time.



Learn all the tricks that you need to know all the way from monetizing your videos from day one to generating tens of thousands of dollars from adsense alone per month.

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Who's the Course For?

Who's the Course For?

Basically, the course is for anyone who wants to take YouTube seriously. If you’re committed to growing your online brand and putting yourself in the best position to build, sustain and succeed at this YouTube thing, we're here for you, and we promise you'll get large amounts of value from the course.

The specifics of what this looks like can get a bit complicated, because (a) the course is pretty varied, and (b) the specific value you'll get from it does depend on your YouTube experience level. We've tried to break things down (very roughly) by subscriber count. Naturally, this is an imperfect metric, but it's the best we've got to stratify people, so please take the specific breakdown with a pinch of salt.

0 - 100 subscribers

This is the hardest phase of being a YouTuber. You’ve probably put off starting the channel for a while and you’re brand new to the game. It’s the steepest part of the learning curve, and you’re overcoming your demons to put yourself out there.

Your next steps - You’re at Level 1 of our 3-part YouTube Growth Framework. So your main job at this point is to Get Going. You’ve got to take the plunge, create the channel, and start making your first few videos. It’ll feel like a struggle, you won’t have any subscribers, and you might not even know what you actually want to make videos about. That’s okay - everyone starts from zero in terms of skill and traction

How the course can help - The course will be most useful if (a) you’re committed to taking YouTube seriously, and (b) you’re joining the course for the accountability, community and support, rather than just the content alone.

If we’re being honest, most of the content in the course can be better applied when you’re a YouTuber with more experience. 50% of the material is around what it takes to make amazing videos, and the other 50% is around strategy, systems, expansion and monetisation. When you’re just starting out, this stuff could feel very overwhelming.

Unless you’re the sort of person who benefits from having all the information as they get started, and wants eyes, thoughts and advice on their channel from the very beginning, the course might feel a bit too much for you.

If you’re in this camp however, a huge beginner benefit is the accountability and the community around the course. It’ll make it endlessly easier to get you over that hurdle of getting started, and to encourage you to take YouTube seriously. The personalised video feedback will massively accelerate your learning curve, and the support from me and my team will get all the questions that start arising answered. The other good news is you’ll have the recordings of all the lessons and be in contact with us forever in the community, so you will always have answers and support when needed in the future too.

To get you ready to start filming from day one, you’ll get free access to my pre-recorded Getting Started with YouTube course, which you should watch and action before the live course starts. You’ll also get free access to my Video Editing with Final Cut course, so if you’re a Mac user that’ll be super helpful for learning the ropes of video editing. If you’d rather not use Final Cut Pro, that’s fine - any editing software will do, and we’ll signpost you to the best tutorials for efficient learning.

100 - 1000 subscribers

Congrats, you’re putting videos out but you’re still at the hardest stage of growth. The first 1,000 subscribers are the most difficult. You probably have some idea of what you’re doing right, but you might still not be entirely sure why you aren’t getting the views you want from YouTube. You might already be feeling the strain of balancing making videos consistently with your day-to-day life, and you might be grappling with the age-old question of “what’s my niche?”

Your next steps - You’ve passed Level 1 of our YouTube Growth Framework (Get Going) and you’re now working on Level 2 (Get Good). Your main YouTube gains will come from improving at the craft of making videos, while spending a small amount of time thinking strategically about your niche, target audience and competitive advantages.

How the course can help - The first 50% of the course content is focused on how you can Get Good at making videos - titles, thumbnails, hooks, structures, branding, production value etc. These will definitely be very helpful for you.

The second half of the course content around expansion, distribution, monetisation etc, might not be fully relevant to your stage just now, but it’ll be useful to get an idea of what’s possible.

You’ve probably also racked up a few questions about your channel, your content, your strategy, the YouTube algorithm and viewer behaviour already. Let’s get those all answered and clarified in multiple Q&A sessions with me and the team :)

1000 - 10,000 subscribers

This is where it starts to really get fun. You’ve passed the 1k mark, you’ve clearly been making videos that work and you probably have an idea of what’s good for you on YouTube. But, you might not be entirely certain on how to get yourself to the next level. You’re not yet making the money you want on the platform, and you’re not sure you’re spending your limited time in ways that maximise your results. We’ve got you.

Your next steps - You’re probably at Level 3. You know how to make ‘good’ videos that you don’t cringe at, and your videos are clearly resonating with some sort of audience. Your biggest gains are now going to come from Getting Smart - from treating your YouTube channel more like a business.

How the course can help - It’s time for you to take things to the next level. But first, the basics. We need to make sure your videos are actually the best they can be. The first 50% of the course is focused on video quality: it’s time for you to make sure you’re fully up to speed with the best practices and strategies on YouTube for video hooks, titles, thumbnails, content, structure and topics. It’s always valuable to re-approach your target audience and niche and make sure you’re actually making the right videos for the right people, even if you’re a ‘bigger’ YouTuber.

But it’s really the second half of the course that’s key for you. We’ll show you exactly how to put systems in place for doing what you’re currently doing faster, more efficiently, more effectively and eventually better. We'll teach you the ins and outs of outsourcing, so that you can get editing (and maybe other aspects of your process) off your hands so you can focus on the really fun stuff. And you’ll also get to have a transparent look into what monetisation, numbers, and communication with brands looks like at various stages of growth to help you take up financial opportunities you might already be overlooking or are building towards.

We’ll help take you to the next level.

10,000 - 50,000 Subscribers

You’re a pro (and we hope it feels like it). You’ve been publishing videos for a while now and got videos that have worked very well with your audience. You’ve been making some money on the platform and have probably been doing this thing for a while, but you might be in a bit of a rut. You’re not seeing the results you really want: views, engagement, money and growth. You’re not sure what the best next step is for you and your channel.

Your next steps - You’re squarely in Level 3 of our 3-part YouTube Growth Framework. You know how to make decent videos, your videos are resonating with your audience, and you want to treat this YouTube thing as a business. At this point, you want to focus on optimising your content-creation workflow (through strategy and systems), figure out good ways to monetise your existing audience in a non-scammy way, and work on outsourcing the aspects of your production process that don’t excite you anymore.

How the course can help - Content-wise, the first half of the course is aimed at levelling-up your videos, in terms of titles, thumbnails, hooks, structure, branding, storytelling, production value and vibe. You’ve probably got most of these fundamentals down, but improving video quality is always a work-in-progress and you’ll hopefully pick up some interesting techniques that you can start to apply to your work immediately.

The second half of the course should be particularly interesting and applicable for you - that’s where we focus on expansion, distribution, monetisation and systemisation. We’ll teach you how to syndicate your content to multiple platforms, how to build a team around your business so that you’re not having to do grunt-work yourself, and how to think about monetisation beyond Adsense and brand deals.

50,000+ Subscribers

you’re one of a handful of pro YouTubers who join the Course. Your content is clearly resonating with your audience, you’ve probably been doing it for ages, and you’re looking for ways to level-up and take your entire business to the next level in a sustainable fashion.

Your next steps - Most of your gains at this point are going to come from actively treating your creative hustle as more of a business. By building systems to optimise your workflow, and eventually by building a team to leverage your own time and attention, you’ll be able to take things to the next level.

How the course can help - The first half of the course content around making better videos (titles, thumbnails, hooks, structure, branding, personality, vibe, production value) should be a useful reminder of the foundations of decent videos. Most of it won’t be mind-blowing stuff, but you’ll probably come across some interesting ways of looking at content that you hadn’t before. This is a good space to also make sure you’re sticking to YouTube best practices for videos and it’s always valuable to re-think and strategise your niche and target audience to make sure you’re making the right content for the right people.

The video feedback will also really help with this. You’ll get trained eyes on your channel (potentially for the first time) giving you mini-audits on 6 videos you’ll publish during the course, with some ideas on what you’re doing right on YouTube and what you can potentially improve on.

The second half of the course, around building systems, distribution, expansion and monetisation, should be very relevant to you. At your stage of experience, you could definitely be making a large amount of money on YouTube, if you approach monetisation in an entrepreneurial fashion.

By the end of the Course, you’ll hopefully be re-inspired, out of any potential content creation slump you’re in, buzzing with new ideas, have a bunch of improvements for your channel lined up, have a monetisation roadmap that should have you super-excited and most importantly, have a system in place that will allow you to do all this part-time if you want to.

Who's the Course NOT For?

Who's the Course NOT For?

This course isn't for you if...

1. You don't want your life to change forever.

You don't want to quit your 9 to 5 Job.


The Course Curriculum.

The Course Curriculum

This is exactly what we will be covering on the course

Module 1 - gear

In this module you will learn all about the gear you need to have to successfuly run your youtube channel.

Module 2 - Everything about content creation

In this module you will learn everything you need to know to create viral content and get the results as fast as possible laid out in a way that anyone can understand and follow.

Module 3 - Mastering the Algorithm and monetization

In this module you will learn how i went from making $0 to making over $1700 Per day on youtube with monetization tricks that barely anyone knows and how to make the algorithm work FOR YOU instead of against you 24/7.

Module 4 - Youtube automation + Youtube as a business

In this module you will learn all there is to automating your youtube channel to be able to have the perfect software/team to free up your time.

Module 5 - How to repurpose content For other platforms

In this Module you will learn how to take the same content you're already producing on youtube and use it in other platforms to generate even more income and grow your personal brand accross other platforms.

Extra Perks & Gifts

YouTube for Beginners

In this course you will get done for you templates with everything you need to create a video from scratch and also tell your story in the best way possible.

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

Video editing with adobe premiere pro In this course you will learn how to edit your videos using adobe premiere pro.

Lifetime Access to the Youtuber Pro Community

Lifetime access to the youtuber pro Community You will have lifetime access to the youtuber pro community on discord and also all the content.

Exclusive Discounts & Benefits

Notion Systemio Tube Budy Epidemic Sound

Brilliant Reviews & Results

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The Five Packages.

Pro University

Youtuber Pro
  • Gear Guide
  • Light and Audio
  • Cracking The Algorithm
  • Plug and Play Templates
  • Run Youtube as a Business
  • Youtube Automation
  • Repurpose Content To grow on other platforms
  • Youtube Shorts
  • Private Discord server
  • How To Monetize and get the most out of monetization!
  • Simplified for beginners
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E-commerce Pro
Still under construction
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Affiliate Marketing Pro
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Social Media Pro
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Full Lifetime Access to all 4 Courses

Access to the whole entire University including:

  • Pro University Discord
  • E-commerce Pro
  • Youtuber Pro
  • Affiliate Marketing Pro
  • Social Media Pro
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to have a YouTube channel to join the course?

No, it's not compulsory but I'd recommend that you set up a channel before the start of the course.

Do I need to have a certain number of subscribers to join the course?


What experience with YouTube do I need to have?

No past experience of YouTube is required, you just need a desire to make YouTube part of your future.

What sort of channel is the course suitable for?

The course is not tailored to any specific genre/style of video. That being said, educational channels (think my channel, Matt D'Avella, Mayuko) are particularly ideal for this course. Still, if your videos try to provide value to your audience, the exact type of your channel won't matter. In fact, I think the system and processes in the course can be applied to any genre of video and we'll be on hand to help make sure that you feel able to apply these methods if you encounter any issues.

I’ve made 100 videos already, is this course for me?

Of course :) The course is aimed at everyone of all abilities. Having 100 videos provides you with a really solid foundation to grow, monetise and scale your channel and we hope we can help you do that through the lessons on the course.

What is the minimum equipment required to take the course?

There are no requirements for equipment and gear. All you need is something to film with so your phone is perfectly fine, that's how I started back in 2017.

Do I need to know how to edit videos?

Yes and no. You do need to edit your videos so prior experience will be beneficial but for everyone that doesn't have editing skills, There is a video teaching you step by step how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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"The Best place to learn how to build a sustainable youtube business!.."

Mr Reis Entrepreneur & Youtuber
150k Subscribers
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"The Best place to learn how to build a sustainable youtube business!.."

Mr Reis Entrepreneur & Youtuber
150k Subscribers
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"The Best place to learn how to build a sustainable youtube business!.."

Mr Reis Entrepreneur & Youtuber
150k Subscribers
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Need a hand?
Drop us an email.

If you've got any questions about the course, or need a hand with anything else, we're just an email away. Drop us a line and we'll do our best to help 😊.

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